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24 - 25 Oct - Rockingham 1/32 BOC - Richy Kettleson wins F1 and sports, Martin Ellis wins saloon. (Full result now online)

24 Oct - Updated Millstream 1/24 BOC Competitor info

17 Oct - Coulsdon Southern 32 - wins for Vince Lee (Super prod),  Chris Frost (Falcon Masters),  Cliff Bicknell (Clubman) and Won O Won - Dave Harvey  and Mike Crofts (Le Mans 32)

16 Oct - ISRA World Championships - wins for Jaroslav Recek (24ES & 32F1); Antonin Vojtik (32ES): Jaroslav Recek & Vladimir Horky (Team)

11 Oct- Millstream 1/24 BOC Competitor info

6 Oct - BOC venues added to BSCRA 2017 Calendar

2 Oct - BSCRA Rule Change voting - 2016 Nationals format retained - all the other proposals accepted.

26 Sept - North London Pro Am - wins for Paul Harwood and Luton SCC

25 Sept - Rockingham 1/32 BOC Competitor info

13 - 15 Sept - Timaru Southern 32 - wins for Dave Harvey (Super prod),  Mark Ellis (Falcon Masters),  Alan Ferguson (Clubman) and Harwood Racing - Will Stemman and Dave Harvey (Le Mans 32)

12 - 13 Sept - Teesside BSL - wins for Richy Kettleson (/32nd Production), Mike Kettleson (top Falcon) 'Young Guns' Martin Ellis & Richy Kettleson  (1/24th Team Race)   

7 Sept - BSCRA 2017 Calendar and applications for BOC rounds

1 Sept - BSCRA rule changes - voting now open

30 Aug - 1/24 International - James Cleave wins all 3 classes, Martin Hojer wins ISRA saloon, Main grade wins for Martin Ellis and David Sargent, Clubman wins for Mark Witham and Simon Francis.

25 Aug - Competitor info for the Millstream Spirit of the Raceway Retro Meeting.

22 Aug - Luton Southern 32 - wins for Stan Alton (Super production), Chris Stemman (both Falcons) James Cleave and Dave Harvey (Le mans 32)

North Wales BSL. wins for Paul Shepherd (individual),Terry Giacomet (top falcon), Jade Slater (top novice) Martin Ellis & Ian Fitzpatrick (1/24th team race) as 'Young Guns.'  

CMG Raceway club news

8 Aug - Ecurie Barnton BOC - James Cleave  wins all 3 classes,  main grade wins for  Martin Ellis, Mick Metcalfe and David Sargent.
Netley Classic - wins for Pete Crane and Richard Mack

1 Aug - Oaklands Park ProAm - Wins for Chris Thomas (F1 and sports) and team race win for Dudley 1 - Chris Thomas / Martin Jackson

31 July - Luton club track for sale

27 July - I/24 International Competitor info

25 July - Bournemouth Southern 32 - wins for Will Stemman (Super production), Mark Hammond (Falcon Masters), Dave Hammond (Clubman Production) Will Stemman and James Cleave (Le mans 32)


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