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23 April - Margaret Fitzpatrick  - A sad loss, she will be remembered by slot racers everywhere.  The funeral is on 8th May.

14 April - The Mack Chevrolet Impala is eligible for BSCRA 1/32 saloon racing from
14 May 2017

10 April - Pinewood BOC - wins for James Cleave and Lee Parsons

7 April - New BSCRA Chairman

6 April -  Blackpool BSL - wins for  Paul Shepherd, Jade Slater (Clubman) and team winners Martin Ellis & Richy Kettleson (team)with top team point winners Paul Shepherd & Ian Fitzpatrick. (Top team points)

3 April -  Bournemouth Southern 32 - wins for Murray Tucker, Simon Francis (both Falcons) and Harwood Racing - Will Stemman and Paul Harwood (LM32)

3 April- Pontefract BOC - wins for James Cleave (Saloon & Sports), Richy Kettleson (F1), Main Grade wins for Chris Aldridge and Andy Smith

27 March - Raceway 81 ProAm - wins for Graeme Stephenson, David Sargent and ABslotsport

20 March - The Audi 2016 R5s DTM is eligible for BSCRA 1/32 saloon racing from
20 April 2017

17 March - BSL Rules 2017
Area 2 - Paul Shepherd is Area Champion in all 3 classes, Dave Wood is Area Clubman Champion.

14 March - Area 5  Chris Thomas is Area Champion in all 3 classes, Josh Howley is Area Clubman Champion.  Wins for Leicester Josh Howley, Chris Aldridge , Chris Thomas and Ben Woodward
Area 8 - Ross Grogan is Area Champion in all 3 classes, Lee Parsons is Area Production Champion.
Clarification about armature tags

13 March - Area 1 - Pat Skene is Area Champion in all 3 classes
Area 2 - Fylde wins for Damon Ryland, David Sargent and Paul Shepherd
Area 3 - Richy Kettleson is Area Champion in all 3 classes, Mike Kettleson is Area Clubman Champion.
Area 6 - Greg Harwood is Area Champion in all 3 classes, Marc Lyon is Area Clubman Champion.
Clarification of BSCRA Motor Policy


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BSCRA Nats 29 April - 1 May
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Open Saloon/F1/Sports at Corby


INTRO 32/ Clubman Saloon at Gaydon

There are place available at Corby, please book online.

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