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16 Jan - North London Southern 32 - wins for Paul Harwood, John Ovens (Falcon Masters), Cliff Bicknell (Clubman),  Harwood Racing - Paul Harwood and Will Stemman (Le Mans 32)

10 Jan - Area 2 news - Blackpool wins for Dave Wood, Paul Shepherd and Martin Ellis
Area 5 news - Oaklands wins for Chris Thomas and Chris Aldridge
Area 6 news - Pinewood wins for Cliff Bicknell, Greg and Paul Harwood

9 Jan - Area 8 news - Lee Parsons wins all 4 at Roedale

3 Jan - Fylde BOC Competitor info


19 Dec - BSL Championships - Paul Shepherd, Harry Shepherd and Young Guns are the 2016 Champions
The Chas Keeling BSL finals full results and report

16 Dec - Area 8 - latest area championships

13 Dec - 2017 1/32 Nationals - initial competitor information
The Chas Keeling BSL finals - Wins for Paul Shepherd (1/32nd Production) Norman Fawcett (top Falcon)  Martin Ellis & Richy Kettleson (/24th Team Race) Paul Shepherd, Martin Ellis & Pete Donely (1/24th Enduro.)
New version of Betta BMW  eligible for BSCRA 1/32 saloon from 13 January 2017

7 Dec - Pro Am 2017 rules

6 Dec - JK  C43 Cheetah Aeolos chassis  eligible for BSCRA 1/24 racing from
6 January 2017

Area 1 News -  Pat Skene wins all 3 at Teesside

5 Dec- 1/32 British Open Championship - James Cleave, Martin Ellis (main grade) and Mick Metcalfe (clubman) are the 2016 champions.
Teesside 1/32 BOC - James Cleave wins saloon and sports, Gavin Wills wins F1
BSCRA Driver Grades - changes for 2017

Area 6 News - North London wins for Marc Lyons, Greg and Mark Harwood

4 Dec - Kolhoza 2016 Mercedes F1 eligible for BSCRA racing from 4 January 2017

24 Nov - Pro Am Championship final positions - Paul Harwood, John Ovens and Team Hawkes are the 2016 champions
- Pro Am Pinewood meeting cancelled

22 Nov - The Chas Keeling BSL Finals competitor info

21 Nov - 1/24 British Open Championship - James Cleave, David Sargent (main grade) and Simon Francis (clubman) are the 2016 champions.
Millstream BOC - wins for James Cleave and Gavin Wills : main grade wins for Bob Henderson and Bob Budge


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