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17 Sept - Club news - Ecurie Barnton premises and new web site

16 Sept - Teesside BOC - Gavin Wills wins all3, Steve Sargent top in main grade

15 Sept - Saloon bodyshells  approved for BSCRA racing from 15th October - New Mack 1/32 Ford Falcon and Oleg 1/24 Audi RS5: Modified Betta 1/32 Opel Vectra, 1/24 BMW M3 and BPA 1/24 Peugeot 406

9 Sept - BSCRA 2 colour bodyshell rule clarified

3-5 Sept - Timaru Southern 32 - wins for Will Stemman, Mark Ellis (both Falcons)  VIP - Ian Barker & Les May (Le Mans 32)  

4 Sept - Highland BSL - Richard Wallace, and Pete Clarkson win one round each, FYLDE 1 - Steve Sargent  & Steven Pearce win both team race rounds

28/29 Aug - 1/24 International - Wins for James Cleave and Paulo Trigilio  Main Grade wins for Stan Alton, Ron Kiddell and Steve Sweetman    

18/19 Aug - CLUBMAN Nats -  James Noake is INTRO 32 Champion, Josh Bryant is Clubman Saloon Champion,  Callum Wood and Steven Pearce wins the Junior finals.

9 Aug - BSCRA Driver Rankings updated

7 Aug - Voting now open for BSCRA rule charges.  Full list of proposals

6 Aug - Pontefract BOC - wins for James Cleave (Saloon & Sports). Paul Shepherd (F1). Steve Sargent top main grade and  Dave Wood top clubman.

6 Aug - Netley Classic Meeting - Wins for Pete Crane and Dick Smith

1 Aug - Bolton BSL - Wins for Martin Ellis (1/32nd individual): Steven Pearce (top clubman): Gordon Dickson & Graham Walker as TBORROWED (1/24th team)

29 /31 July - Coulsdon Southern 32 - wins for Dave Harvey, Nick Thrower (Falcon Masters), Jody Symons (Clubman) and VIP - Vince Lee & Ian Barker (Le Mans 32)

23 July - Rockingham are National Club Team Champions, James Cleave wins the Production Challenge and F2, Simon Francis wins Falcon/Hawk Production, Clubman wins for Marc Lyons and Steven Pearce.  K Slotcar team GSR win the team race.   

11 July - Leicester Electricity ProAm  - Martin Elllis wins all 3

9 July - Won O Won Southern 32 - wins for Will Stemman, Simon Francis (Falcon Masters), Stan Kirk (Clubman) and VIP - Vince Lee & Ian Barker (Le Mans 32)

3 July - Teesside BSL -  Wins for Martin Ellis (1/32nd individual): Mike Kettleson(top clubman):  Martin Ellis & Peter Donely as TEAM RIGHTGUARD (1/24th team)

25/27 June - Fylde BOC - wins for Paul Shepherd (Saloon & F1), Gavin Wills (Sports) Callum Wood (top main grade and clubman)  

22 June - BSCRA rule interpretations - Use of the Nationals track

14 June -  Dudley SCC closes after racing on 18th June

11 June -  Roedale Southern 32 - wins for Vince Lee, Nick Thrower (Falcon Masters), Robin Cornwall (Clubman) and Team Dean - Ben Tapp and Ian King (Le Mans 32)

5 June - Fylde BOC competitor info

4 June - Proposals for BSCRA rule changes invited (deadline for proposals 1 July)

30 May - Raceway 81 closes in June, track and infrastructure available

30 May - Luton SCC - new clubroom up and running

24 May - BSCRA Privacy Policy

GENESIS Build instructions


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