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16 Aug -  BSCRA rule changes for 2020 - full list of proposals.   Members can vote online now at the new BSCRA Members  site.

15 Aug - Mack Chevrolet Camaro body approved for BSCRA  1/32 saloon racing from 15 September

12 Aug - Won O Won Southern 32 - wins for Will Stemman, Brian Saunders (Falcon Masters)  Colin Wilkinson (Clubman) , Young Man - Will Stemman and Josh Bryant (Le Mans 32), D&D Ross Grogan and Dave  Stevenson (overall  in team race)

5/6Aug - North London are the 2019 Club Team Champions, Production Challenge wins for James Cleave (Super Production and F2)

5 Aug - Mack / AAA Zytek body approved for BSCRA  racing from 5 September

26 July - Ecurie Barnton club is moving to Dunfermline.

25 July - Won O Won 1/32 BOC - Will Stemman wins all 3, main grade wins for Josh Bryant and Richard Mack

19 July - Teesside BSL wins for Richy Kettleson: Glenn Atterton (top Clubman):
LUCKY 7 - Richy and Josh Kettleson
(team race)

15 July - Luton Southern 32 wins for Will Stemman, Chris Stemman (both Falcon classes), Young Man - Will Stemman and Josh Bryant (Le Mans 32)

3 July - Nationals History - Steve Walker’s 1979 Sports winner

24 June - Blackpool 1/24 BOC - Will Stemman wins all 3

22 June - Pinewood ProAm - wins for Steve Clark, Paul Harwood and Graham Whitby

20 June - National Club Team Championship & Production Challenge entries open

18 June - Coulsdon Southern 32 wins for Dave Stevenson, , Graham Sampson (both Falcon classes), Team VIP - Ian Barker and Vince Lee (Le Mans 32)

22 May - Proposals for BSCRA rule changes invited

21 May - Blackpool BSL wins for Martin Ellis: Damon Ryland (top Clubman): Norman Fawcett (top Hawk Retro): Blackpool 1 - Martin Ellis and Peter Donely (team race)

20 May- Roedale Southern 32 wins for Will Stemman, Simon Francis (Falcon Masters), Graham Sampson (Clubman), Team Dean - Ben Tapp and Jody Symons (Le Mans 32)

17 May - Driver Grades - preview of the changes for 2020

14 May  - World Records - smallest and largest slot car

10 May - Steve Sargent presented with BSCRA Long Service Award

7 May -  1/32 Nationals - James Cleave is National Saloon and Sports champion, Ross Grogan is National F1 champion, The Main Grade champions are Richard Mack, Mick Metcalfe and Josh Bryant.

29 April - BSCRA Driver Rankings updated

20 April - Raceway 81 1/24 BOC - wins for Brian Saunders, Pat Skene and David Sargent

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