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8 April - Coronavirus impact on BSCRA events - latest info

6 April - Mack Giinetta approved for BSCRA 1/24 Eurosport  racing from 6 May

2 April - Coronavirus impact on BSCRA events - latest info

18 March - Bolton BSL - wins for Paul Shepherd, Graham Walker (clubman), Fylde + Steve Sargent and Glen Atterton (team)

17 March - Coronavirus impact on BSCRA events - latest info

16 March - Millstream Southern 32 wins for Will Stemman: Brian Saunders (Hawk Masters):  Marc Lyons (Clubman) :  Brian Saunders and Steve Kearey (Le Mans 32)

16 March- Area news - Area 1 - Murray Wallace wins at Highland and is area champion : Area 3 Richy Kettleson is area champion : Area 6  Nationals qualifiers

13 March - Coronavirus impact on BSCRA events

13 March - Mossetti Patriot  MR 3002 and MR 3102 chassis approved for BSCRA 1/24 production racing

11 March - Area news - Area 10 - Richard Mack is area champion

10 March- Area news - Area 5 - Chris Thomas is area champion : Black Country  wins for Chris Thomas and Ben Woodward

9 March - 1/32 Nationals entries open - entrants please enter online

9 March- Area news - Area 2 - Paul Shepherd is area champion : Fylde  wins for Pete Clarkson, David Sargent and Paul Shepherd
Area 6  Pinewood, wins for Will Stemman, Paul and Greg Harwood
Area 8  Ross Grogan is area champion : Pinewood, wins for Ross Grogan  and Lee Parsons

2 March - Clubman Nationals Aston Offer, 2020 INTRO 32 Champion : Marc Lyons, 2020 Clubman Saloon Champion

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Coronavirus impact on BSCRA events


Due to the increasing measures being put in place with the Corona Virus. It is with regret we have no choice but to cancel the  2nd Round of the 1/24th BOC championship on 18th / 19th April 2020.

We will however look to run this at a later date in the year.

The Raceway will close its doors from now  though to the end of April, updates will be published to keep all informed.

Lee Parsons

Series suspended due to CORONAVIRUS.

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