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17 July - National Club Team Championships - Rockingham  win for the 4th time, Production Challenge - Gavin Wills wins, Will Stemman (top main grade),  Ron Kiddell (top clubman) : F2 - James Cleave wins, Steve Sargent (top main grade), Ron Kiddell (top clubman)

3-14 July Pontefract BSL  - wins for Paul Shepherd, Murray Wallace (top falcon) and RM Racing - Richard & Murray Wallace (1/24th Production Team Race).  Full results now online

3 July - Won O Won Southern 32 - wins for Will Stemman, Alan Ferguson (Falcon Masters), Simon Francis (Clubman), VIP - Ian Barker and Les May (Le Mans 32)

26 June - Highlands 1/24 BOC - wins for James Cleave (Saloon and ES) and Richy Kettleson (OG12) Will Stemman top main grade (second in all 3)  

19 June - Oaklands Park Southern 32 wins for Paul Harwood, Ralph Parker (Falcon Masters), Steve Rhodes (Clubman), Oaklands - Mick Metcalfe and Steve Rhodes (Le Mans 32)

19 June - Richy Kettleson in the new BSCRA Public Relations Officer

16 June - Permanent Home for the BSCRA Track

14 June - North London Pro Am - wins for Greg Harwood, Paul Harwood and Luton SCC.

5 - 6 June - Dudley BOC wins for Lee Parsons (Saloon), Martin Ellis (F1) , David Sargent (Sports). Lee Parsons was top main grade.  

31 May - 5 June - Barnton BSL wins for Richy Kettleson, Neil Grogan (top Falcon), Jade Slater (top Novice) and Ecurie Barnton -Pat Skene & Neil Grogan (1/24th team race)
Highland BSL wins for Martin Ellis, Pete Clarkson (top Falcon), Sandy Wedderburn (top Novice) and RM Racing -Richard & Murray Wallace (1/24th team race)

1 June - Skyline Raceway opens at Benfleet, Essex.  Latest news from at Ron Kiddell.

27 May - Proposals for BSCRA rule changes invited (deadline for proposals 1 July)

22 May - Coulsdon Southern 32 wins for Dave Stevenson, Chris Frost (Falcon Masters) Simon Francis (Falcon clubman) and Won O Won - Dave Harvey and Mike Read (Le Mans 32)

16 May - BSCRA Public Relations Officer Graeme Stephenson stands down, nominations for a new PRO opened.

15 May - Nationals at Gaydon - Simon Francis wins INTRO 32,  Josh Howley wins Clubman Saloon


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