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14 Oct - ProAm Regs for 2018

2 Oct - Applications to hold  2018 BOC rounds invited.

2 Oct - 1/32 JK Lola B12/60 body approved for BSCRA racing from 2nd November

30 Sept - JK Hawk Retro motor approved for INTRO 32 and 1/32 Production / Super Production racing from 1st November

30 Sept - BSCRA Rule change proposals - RESULTS

28 Sept - Draft 2018 BSCRA Calendar

25-27 Sept  - ProAm Championship - 2017 Champions are David Sargent (both PRO individual classes) , Phil Mitchell (both AM individual classes), Scuderia 66 and AB Slotsport (Team), Alice Howard (Ladies and under 16) Photos added

27 Sept - Pinewood ProAm wins for Will Stemman and GOSH

23 Sept - Fylde BSL - wins for Paul Shepherd, Steven Pearce (clubman) and Fylde 1 -Steve Sargent and Steven Pearce

23 Sept - Timaru Southern 32 - wins for Graham Sampson (overall and Falcon Clubman),  Mark Ellis (Falcon Masters), VIP - Ian Barker and Les May  (Le Mans 32)

11 Sept - Leicester BOC - wins for Gavin Wills (Saloon and F1) and Lee Parsons (Sports and Main Grade)

1 Sept - Chris Frost presented with BSCRA Long Service Award

31 Aug - Voting on BSCRA Rule Changes open.  List of proposals

29/30 Aug - 1/24 International - wins for James Cleave (Saloon and OG12), Gavin Wills (Eurosport): Pavel Flaisig (ISRA saloons) : Lee Parsons and Pat Skene (Main Grade): Simon Francis & Ron Kiddell (Clubman Grade) 30 Aug - BSCRA Council Meeting - 2018 Nats and other events at BSCRA’s Slot Car Centre

21 Aug - BSCRA Classics Meeting at Leicester Electricity SCC

14 -20 Aug - Teesside BSL wins for Richy Kettleson,  Mike Kettleson (top Falcon),  Lucky 7 - Richy & Mike Kettleson(1/24th Production team race) .

14 Aug - Dowty Southern 32 wins for Will Stemman, Phil Mitchell ( Falcon Masters) Simon Francis (Clubman), K Slotcar - Keith Gibson and Will Stemman (Le Mans 32)

12 Aug - Blackpool BOC - wins for Gavin Wills (saloon), James Cleave (F1 & sports),   Chris Aldridge (top main grade)

2 Aug - Details of the BSCRA Classics Race at Leicester Electricity SCC on 20 Aug


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