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14 Feb - Area News - North London wins for Marc Lyons, Greg and Mark Harwood  Area 3 Championship Richy Kettleson is area champion

12 Feb - Area News  Area 1 Barnton for Keith Charles, Alan Lucas and Neil Grogan
Area 2 Fylde wins for Paul Shepherd and Steven Pearce
Area 3 Pontefract wins for Richy Kettleson and Geoff Snaith

7 Feb - Blackpool ProAm - wins for Paul Shepherd and Martin Ellis

7 Feb - Red Fox Audi "Concept 2015" approved for BSCRA 1/24 Eurosport racing.

5 Feb - Area News Area 5 Oaklands wins for Chris Thomas and Ben Woodward
Area 8 Haydon wins for Ross Grogan and Lee Parsons

29 Jan - Leicester BOC - wins for Gavin Wills (saloon and sports) Martin Ellis (F1) and Mike Davies (Main Grade).

28 Jan - New World Record for Blue King Track Brad Friesner goes over 82mph

25 Jan - BSCRA Vintage / Classics rules

22 Jan - North London Southern 32 - wins for Paul Harwood, Simon Francis ( Falcon Masters), Marc Lyons  (Clubman) and Eces - Ian Fisher & Dave Harvey (Le Mans 32)

20 Jan - Clubman Nationals Competitor info and online entry

19 Jan - Area 6 - Paul Harwood is the new Area Coordinator
Skyline wins for Richard Mack, Greg and Paul Harwood

18 Jan - Pro Am 2018 web site and updated rules

18 Jan - Area 3  Championship updated
Area 8 Roedale wins for Lee Parsons and Ross Grogan

16 Jan - Area 5 Dudley wins for Chris Thomas and Chris Aldridge

15 Jan -  Betta 2017 Scuderia Ferrari SF70H body approved for BSCRA F1 and F2 racing from 15th February

15 Jan - Area 1 Barnton wins for Keith Charles, Alan Lucas and Neil Grogan  
Area 2 Blackpool wins for Callum Wood, Martin Ellis and Paul Shepherd
Area 3 Teesside wins for Richy and Mike  Kettleson

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