BSCRA Public Relations Officer

Congratulations to Richy Kettleson,  the new BSCRA  PRO.  Richy takes over from Graeme Stephenson  who is standing down (see below)

Richy was the only candidate, so will take up the post straight away.  He will also continue as Area 3 Coordinator.

Chris Frost , BSCRA Secretary  June 2017


Graeme Stephenson is standing down as BSCRA Public Relations Officer.

I’d like to say publicly how much the Council in particular and BSCRA in general appreciate Graeme’s hard work as PRO over the years. Just to pick the Gaydon events this year and previously as one example, I know the BSCRA participation couldn’t have featured so well (if at all) without Graeme’s drive, organising abilities and hard work. Thank you once again.

Mark Witham

BSCRA Chairman

Graeme will continue as PRO until a replacement is appointed.

Any nominations for BSCRA PRO should be sent to the BSCRA Secretary Chris Frost by 16 June 2017.    If anybody would like to talk about what involved, Graeme will be very happy to discuss it with you.

The role of the PRO (from the BSCRA Constitution) is

         8.1 To promote B.S.C.R.A. and slot racing to the general public and other similar organisations.

8.2 To identify and utilise individual public relations skills that the membership of B.S.C.R.A. has to the best advantage of B.S.C.R.A.   

8.3 To liase with affiliated clubs and other racing series as appropriate to identify the benefits of the affiliation and ensure that the benefits of the affiliation are maximised.

8.4 To ensure that the public relations elements of the twelve points of the Y2K Review are taken up by B.S.C.R.A. and take steps as necessary in order to do this.

8.5 To appoint assistant officers as appropriate to ensure that points 8.1 to 8.4 are fully implemented.

8.6 To Chair all Promotion Committee Meetings.  To ensure that committee decisions are recorded and publicised appropriately.

8.7 To represent the Promotion Committee at Council Meetings.

8.8 To ensure that all matters presented to their Committee are in a satisfactory state of progression prior to the council meeting.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary
May 2017

From Graeme

After almost 4 years as BSCRA PRO, I have decided to stand down from the post.

My decision todo so is one I have considered thoroughly over the past few months, having been unable to get to many race meetings and probably will be the case for sometime to come, I believe now is the time step aside whilst I put things back in order outside of slot racing and allow someone else to pick up the position.

The timing of my resignation was thoroughly thought through, I would not leave the council before the Gaydon slotcar festival, as I know this has taken nearly a full years planning delegating and coordinating people into various roles. I made that commitment to BSCRA and I stood by it.

During my time as BSCRA PRO, I have had the privilege of working with some very experienced and focused individuals whom have given more time than could ever be expected of a volunteer, in order to give the rest of the BSCRA community regular well organised racing, with out them slot racing in the UK wouldn't happen, for this we all owe our thanks.

I guess this next part will come as no big surprise, I have also decided that now would be a good time for me to hang my controller up from BSCRA racing for a while, although I will still be present at some race meetings for other duties should they be required.

I will continue to serve the council as PRO until a replacement is appointed, should anyone be interested in doing so please send your nomination to Chris Frost.

If you would like to know more about the position you can e-mail me direct . May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me in the role since I took it on.

Best regards

Graeme Stephenson



Mark Witham is appointed BSCRA chairman on a permanent basis.   As most of you will know, Mark has been doing an excellent job as interim chairman over the last month, I’m sure he will continue the good work.

For constitutional reasons we could only appoint a temporary chairman and invite nominations when Ant Hawkes resigned (see below).  There was another council member proposed, he decided not to stand and supported Mark. So Mark is elected unopposed.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary
May 2017



Ant Hawkes has resigned as BSCRA chairman.  Ant was an excellent chairman, I'm sure you will all want to join me in thanking him.   He is stepping down for personal reasons, which also means he won't be racing for the time being. We look forward to racing with him again later in the year.

Mark Witham is appointed chairman on an interim basis while we go through the formal process of appointing a permanent successor to Ant. I'm sure we will all join the Council in welcoming Mark to this role.   

Any nominations for BSCRA Chairman should be sent to the BSCRA Secretary Chris Frost by 6 May 2017.    If anybody would like to talk about what involved, Chris will be very happy to discuss it with you.

The role of the chairman (from the BSCRA Constitution) is

1.1.         To officially represent the British Slot Car Racing Association in all dealings with the public and other bodies.

1.2          To Chair all Council Meetings and any General Meeting.

1.3          To assist in the general day to day administration of the Association.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary
April 2017


Slot Car Racing News Editor

Pat Skene is the new Slot Car Racing News Editor and returns to the BSCRA Council.   As most of you will know,  Pat was SCRN editor for a number of years till he stepped down in 2014. We can look forward to more excellent magazines.  Welcome back Pat!

You can see more about Pat’s plans for the magazine by joining  the Slot Car Racing News Facebook Group

Contributions to the magazine are very welcome, why don’t YOU write something for SCRN?

Keith Gibson has stands down as Magazine editor.  Thank you to Keith for the 2015 magazines.  Keith will be concentrating on his K Slot with BSP business so will still be very much part of the slot racing scene

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary
January 2016


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