Paul Harwood has stood down from the Public Relations Officer role.  We thank him for all his input while on the BSCRA Council.

Mark Witham
BSCRA Chariman
December 2021



We welcome Will Stemman to the BSCRA Council, he is BSCRA’s new Safeguarding Officer.    I’m sure he will do an excellent job in this  role.

Will joins the BSCRA Council immediately.   Mark Witham has been Safeguarding Officer since 2015.   Some of the legal responsibilities of the Safeguarding Officer are subject to Motorsport UK approval, so Mark will continue with those responsibilities until Motorsport UK approval for Will to take over comes  through.     Mark of course has been  BSCRA Chairman since 2017 and once the hand over to Will is complete can concentrate solely on that role.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary
November 2021



Paul Harwood is BSCRA’s new PRO.   Paul continues as BSCRA Area Coordinator for Area 6.  I’m sure Paul will do a great job in his new role.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary
December 2019



Pat Skene will produce the 2019 editions of Slot Car Racing News and will be standing down as Slot Car Racing News Editor at the end of 2019.    We can look forward to excellent magazines from Pat for rest of 2019.     There is a vacancy for a new Editor to take charge from the start of 2020,  we need the 2020 editor in place well in advance for a smooth hand over.   Nominations for SCRN Editor are invited, and should be sent to the BSCRA Secretary Chris Frost by 14 March 2019 please.

If anybody would like to talk about what involved, Pat will be very happy to discuss it with you.



Richy Kettleson, is standing down as BSCRA Public Relations Officer.

Thanks to Richy for all his hard work as PRO.

Nominations for BSCRA PRO are invited, and should be sent to the BSCRA Secretary Chris Frost by 14 March 2019 please.  Richy will hand over to the new PRO as soon as they are appointed.

If anybody would like to talk about what involved, Richy will be very happy to discuss it with you.

The role of the Editor (from the BSCRA Constitution) is

.4.1  To prepare, edit, publish and send to the Membership Secretary for onward transmission to members a News Magazine informing the membership of what is going on in the Association.

4.2  To have full authority to decide whether any work is published in the magazine, and to edit any such work.  Also to promote the various classes of racing within the Association as well as highlighting good practice within the Association.  Any official communications must be published verbatim when requested by any Council member or member of the three Committees.

4.3  To accept and canvas for advertising matter and to negotiate charges for advertisements.

4.4 To make suitable charge for providing copies of the News Magazine to non-members of the Association, and additional copies to any members who require them.

4.5 Account to the Treasurer for income and expenditure.

The role of the PRO (from the BSCRA Constitution) is

         8.1 To promote B.S.C.R.A. and slot racing to the general public and other similar organisations.

8.2 To identify and utilise individual public relations skills that the membership of B.S.C.R.A. has to the best advantage of B.S.C.R.A.   

8.3 To liase with affiliated clubs and other racing series as appropriate to identify the benefits of the affiliation and ensure that the benefits of the affiliation are maximised.

8.4 To ensure that the public relations elements of the twelve points of the Y2K Review are taken up by B.S.C.R.A. and take steps as necessary in order to do this.

8.5 To appoint assistant officers as appropriate to ensure that points 8.1 to 8.4 are fully implemented.

8.6  To ensure that all matters presented to their Committee are in a satisfactory state of progression prior to the council meeting.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary
February 2019


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