BOC Rules 2022

The Council agreed the BOC Rules for 2022 including a simplification of the 1/24 points system, continuing the INTRO 32 sub class in the 1/32 BOC and a trophy for brushless motor cars. As discussed at the ACM, brushless motor  cars will not be eligible for point in the main BOC.  The updated rules were agreed by e mail and published on 5th December 2021.


BSCRA Annual Council Meeting – 7 November 2021– (Zoom meeting)

Those present - Mark Witham  (Chairman & Safeguarding), Graham Woodward (Competitions Secretary),  Kev Gray (Membership Secretary), James Cleave (Development Officer) , Steve Sargent (BOC and Calendar Coordinator), Paul Harwood (PRO), Chris Frost (Secretary & web site)  apologies for absence David Sargent (Treasurer)

Chairman's Report

Mark Witham thanked all the officials and volunteers.  Racing has restarted  both nationally and at many clubs during the summer as Covid restrictions eased.  He was looking forward to a full year's racing in 2022 with more racers wanting to restart racing.

Treasurer’s report

The Association made a modest net loss in 2021 which reduces our available funds.   Although we never want to see our funds depleting we are still in a healthy position particularly given we are only just emerging  from a pandemic and still have a relatively new nationals track setup in a permanent venue so are unlikely to need to acquire a replacement track for a number of years.

Our main expenditure is the rent on the National centre, race fees came much nearer covering this in 2021 than in 2020 when most of the racing was cancelled.. Once again we benefited from trophy sponsorship which as always is much appreciated.   Overall the pre-payment option incentive has been taken up. Although there do seem to be a small number who prefer to continue to pay on the day with the 25% increase.  Members are encouraged members to pay by bank transfer where possible to save BSCRA incurring the paypal charges.

It is expected that  more racers will return in 2022, so the meeting agreed not to increase most fees in anticipation of more race fees to balance our expenditure.

Membership fees for 2022 are unchanged  at  £12 Adult & Club & £6 Junior.
Entry Fees for National events  will at £20 per person per class adult  : £10 per class junior: £80 for the team of 4 in the club team event.  This is  is a freeze for the 1/32 Nationals and 1/24 International and brings the fees in other events up to the same level. As always these are the fees for advanced payment, 25% extra will be added to all fees if paid on the weekend of the event.

Competition Secretary’s Report

Graham Woodward reported the issue with oversize wire on one make of Group 12 armatures had been resolved.

He showed the meeting photos of samples of the final version of the GSR Super Production chassis.   The super production section of the BSCRA Handbook is being reviewed to see if any clarifications are needed for this new chassis.  

The existing BSCRA Handbook has been updated  for 2022 and will be online shortly.    

Graham led a discussion on future policy for Brushless Motors

BSCRA is closely monitoring developments in brushless motor slot car technology.    It is thought inevitable that performance of slot cars using this technology will increase with further development and if unlimited development is permitted the cost of the quickest motors will be higher than the off the shelf items currently in use.   Exactly how much the performance of slot cars using this technology will develop compared with conventional open class slot cars remains to be seen.     Although some of the factors affecting performance can be calculated, there is no substitute for development and track testing.      Encouraging technical improvements and the long term viability of the sport may to some extent conflict.  

The council discussed the potential for replacing   some sealed motor classes with restricted rpm brushless motors.   The intention is to use low cost readily available brushless motors.   It's anticipated that an ESC to control the rpm limit will be developed   in addition to which   a fixed gear ratio could be considered.          Quite minor changes to exiting chassis designs would be needed for motor fixing.     Further development of the ESC electronics will be needed, the cost and availability of the fully developed electronics is of crucial importance.   BSCRA is keen to encourage these developments and is in close contact with the developers about this concept.

At present there are very few brushless cars built for BSCRA open classes.   Therefore the practical way to race them is alongside conventional cars rather than in a separate race for one or two cars.   The BSCRA council agreed a rule clarification   to minimize issues with both types on car racing side by side.   -   “The motor power must be directly controlled by a speed controller plugged into lane's controller connector. Controllers that apply full power to the track all the time are not permitted. “     The brushless cars already raced at the Nationals comply with this interpretation.

There are reasons for restrictions to brushless motors and the necessary in car electronics in the open classes.   Allowing brushless cars to run in championship events but not count for points is under consideration.   It is known that international and national organising bodies are considering some limitations. Given the size of the open class market it is doubtful if it is viable for the UK to develop in a different direction to other countries.     BSCRA in close contact with organising bodies in other countries and the developers.    


Some members have not renewed during the lockdown period, it is hoped we can encourage at least most of them to rejoin.   
The BSCRA Members Facebook group is supposed to be for current BSCRA members only.    We didn't remove people from the group during the lockdown even if their BSCRA membership had lapsed.  It was agreed we'd encourage them to rejoin, and suspend the Facebook group membership of any that didn't rejoin in a reasonable length of time.

Online Magazine

Progress with the online BSCRA magazine on a members' only web site has been slowed by technical issues.   Kev is optimistic these issues can be overcome.  

National Centre

At the most recent national meeting the competitors did a good job cleaning up round their pit space and generally leaving the National centre in the state we'd hope to find it.  This was a considerable improvement from earlier meetings and needs to be maintained!   One issue is disposing of the quantity of waste (food packaging, tyre debris etc.) produced at these meetings. It was agreed we'd try giving competitors bags and asking them to take their own waste home,

Nationals Organisation

It is planned to return to a full calendar of events in 2022.  

1 Clubman Nats – 5/6 March – Saturday will be for the INTRO 32 Championship and a team race group 12 saloons : Sunday will be for the Clubman Saloon Championship and the National F2 race open to all members.  

2  1/32 Nats – 30 April-2 May   Saturday Saloon, Sunday F1,Monday Sports:  The qualifying rules intended for 2020 will be used for the first time.

3  1/24 Internats – 9/10 July    Saturday Production Saloon,  Open Group 12 qual; Sunday OG12 racing, Eurosport.  (The ISRA Worlds is scheduled for  4-18 September 2022 so the normal August bank holiday meeting  isn't viable)

4 Club Team / Production Challenge - date to be decided, probably October  -  Saturday Production Challenge for Super Production / Genesis : Sunday National Club Team Championship.

5  British Open Championship – Full championships return for 2022 The 1/24 BOC venues have been finalised, the  1/32 BOC venues are being negotiated and will be published shortly.

6 24 Hour races. 1/24 at the National Centre probably in 2023 The Comp Sec has been  sounding out overseas teams, he'll be writing to those who expressed an interest shortly  
 1/32 We will be confirming which club tracks meet the Laycok rules and selecting the most suitable track for an attempt on the long standing world record.

Driver Ranking List

The ranking list is being updated frequently, thanks to James for the regular updates.    

The rankings should include points for area meetings .  This depends on Area Coordinators providing area championship results which doesn't always happen.  It was also pointed out where areas  use meetings such as BOCs, Southern 32s etc for qualifying.  The ranking points are awarded for the BOC, S32 etc. results, there aren't additional ranking points for the same meeting because if it is used for area qualifying.


There have been no reportable incidents.

Feedback from Members

Some members are asking for a longer period of rules stability.   At present car and track standards are frozen for 2 years, other rules and the constitution can be changed annually. It was agreed to draft a proposal  to freeze the rules for longer., this will be included in the 2022 round of rule change voting.

Future Meetings

The meeting ran successfully using Zoom, and of course was completely Covid safe. The next Annual Council Meeting is scheduled for 30 October 2022 but interim meetings may be called by the chairman.

Annex - 1/32 Nats qualification process to be used in 2022 ( based on the 2020 process)

1. BSCRA will calculate the number of Nats places allocated to each Area using the 2022 BSCRA rules as soon as possible after the 1st February 2020 cut off date.   Only drivers who are paid up members on 1st February are eligible for places.

2. When online entries open (on or shortly after 1st Feb assuming that's feasible for the person setting it up),  members who would like to run at the Nationals will be welcome to enter, but places won't be confirmed till we know the areas' qualifiers.   

3. Area Coordinators shall be required to  tell BSCRA  the final positions area championship in each class as soon as it is decided and must inform BSCRA before the 12 April 2022 closing date  at the latest

4. a)   Each area's allocation of places will be filled in area championship order by those who have entered online and paid  by  the 12 April 2022 closing date.
b)  Any unused places will be allocated to those still waiting for confirmed places who have entered and paid by  the 12 April 2022 closing date  on a first come first served basis.
c)   If there are still any unused place, they will be allocated to those who have entered but not yet paid by  the 12 April 2022 closing date  on a first come first served basis.  If they haven't paid within 7 days they will go to the back of the queue.
e) In the event there are still any unused place we will continue to accept further entries until all the places are full - or until the start of practice on race day when we go with less than 48 competitors

Minutes approved by the BSCRA Council, published 16 November 2021


Coronavirus Announcements

BSCRA Council Meeting – 27 March 2021 – (Zoom meeting)

Those present - Mark Witham  (Chairman & Safeguarding), David Sargent (Treasurer), Graham Woodward (Competitions Secretary),  Kev Gray (Membership Secretary), James Cleave (Development Officer) , Steve Sargent (BOC and Calendar Coordinator), Paul Harwood (PRO), Chris Frost (Secretary & web site)

Racing Restart Meeting

It is hoped to run a meeting at the National Centre on spring Bank Holiday weekend .  This will be a non championship event.  The membership is being consulted on the Members Facebook Group before finalizing the details.  It is envisaged that there will be racing for 2 or 3 classes on Sunday 30th May possibly with practice on the Saturday 29th May.    It is expected that covid safe social distancing measures will required at this meeting.   

Nationals Organisation

It was confirmed that the 2020 1/32 Nationals has been cancelled.     

2021 1/24 International to be run as a 2 day on the  24-25 July weekend.

2021 1/32 Nationals to be run as a 3 day event on the 2021August bank holiday weekend (28-30 Aug).   

2021 Clubman Nationals and 2021 National Club Team Championship to be run on two day weekend on18-19 September.

Of course these meetings will only go ahead if the pandemic and government restrictions allow.

Bodyshell Eligibility
Due to the coronavirus lock down, stocks of bodies that would have been used this year can be expected to last longer.     It was agreed   to   allow till the end of 2022 use up bodyshells where eligibility was originally due to expire at the end of 2020 or 2021.  This makes a differance in 2 classes, 1/32 Saloon and 1/32 Sports.  Both lists have been updated.   

Driver Grades 2021

The driver grades have  been updated for 2021.  The 2020 INTRO 32  and  Clubman Saloon Champions will move to main grade for 2021, other drivers will stay in their 2020 grades.

Driver Ranking 2021

The Driver Ranking information has been moved to the main BSCRA web site.   A provisional 2021 Ranking List is online, this will be updated once racing gets underway.


BSCRA Council Meeting – 30 January 2021 – (Zoom meeting)

Those present - Mark Witham  (Chairman & Safeguarding), David Sargent (Treasurer), Graham Woodward (Competitions Secretary),  Kev Gray (Membership Secretary), James Cleave (Development Officer) , Steve Sargent (BOC and Calendar Coordinator), Paul Harwood (PRO), Chris Frost (Secretary & web site)

Nationals Organisation

The pandemic's second wave has got considerably worse since  last autumn when the 2021 Nationals dates were drafted.   It was agreed that the only realistic options was to cancel the Easter  Nationals meeting.      The remaining 2021 dates will be reviewed at a further council meeting at the end of March.  We have already reserved the following dates, of course these will only go ahead if  the pandemic and government restrictions allow.

The postponed 2020 1/32 Nationals to be run as a 3 day event on the 2021 Mayday bank holiday weekend (1-3 May).  

2021 1/24 International to be run as a 3 day on the spring bank holiday weekend   (29-31 May).

2021 Clubman Nationals and 2021 National Club Team Championship to be run on two day weekends 24-25 July and/or 18-19 Sep.

2021 1/32 Nationals to be run as a 3 day event on the 2021August bank holiday weekend (28-30 Aug).   

Group 12 Armatures

The issues with Valiko group 12 armatures have recently been resolved.   A sample of the  USRA approved  Valiko group 12 armatures is in the post to the Comp Sec.  Photos of both eligible and ineligible variants are being obtained and will be on the BSCRA web site as soon as they are ready.

We are considering post race testing of the first 3 group 12 armatures at the Nationals. Existing test methods will require the competitor to com true the arm before the  electrical resistance is measured.  Any arms with a resistance below the expected range will be impounded for further tests.  If destructive testing of the armature is necessary either, (1) If the armature is found to be outside the rules the competitor will be disqualified OR (2) If the armature is found to be within the rules the results will stand and the competitor will be reimbursed with the price of a replacement armature.


Although the Association is not allowed to hold any racing at present, and therefore has no income from race fees,  most of  the normal  costs such as rent on the National Centre still have to be paid.   

Most memberships come up for renewal in the few weeks leading up to February. It was decided that the Membership Sec will write to members about this in mid February.

Possible sources of grants are being investigated.   So far only one possible source had been identified, despite a lot of work in submitting an application it was not successful.


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