BSL 2020-21  British Slotracing League

British Slotracing League 2020-21

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The great news is the BSL re-starts on 15 August 2021 following the relaxation of regulations.

With BSCRA & other series keen to hold events again our fair share of weekends in the remainder of the year is limited to 4. With that in mind the series we started last year at Bolton will be recommenced & with a double header in Scotland there will be a total of 6 rounds with best 4 to count.

In keeping with the BSCRA  policy, as Covid has far from gone away, it will be a requirement for all racers to wear face masks inside series venues.

Please note that only the standard oilite bearing Hawk 7 Motors will continue to be allowed in the 1/24th class as will  1/32nd Genesis cars which we run to BSCRA  rules.

The rounds, pandemic permitting, to be held are:-

15 Aug     Pontefract

3 Oct       Teesside

30 Oct      Dunfermline

31 Oct      Highland

28 Nov     Fylde

Note both Pontefract & Dunfermline have changed premises since we last visited. Details of the new Pontefract premises can be found by clicking the Pontefract button in the BSL section of the BSCRA website. Dunfermline details will follow.

All other details than above remain the same as those produced early last year which can be found on the BSCRA  website.

Enjoy your racing!

Steve Sargent

Enjoy your racing!

Steve Sargent

Original 2020 BSL Plans and Rules

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