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This is the official web site of the  BRITISH SLOT CAR RACING ASSOCIATION.  Please always use the https://www.slotcarracing.org.uk  URLs to access BSCRA web sites.  This used the more secure https protocol.  There are several other ways in using the less secure http propcol 

The site to give up to date information about the association and about slot racing in the UK - it is intended to encourage more people to go racing,  provide news for current racers.  It is also intended encourage the building of more slot car tracks. While the site concentrates on BSCRA style 1/32 and 1/24 racing, a considerable amount of the content will be of interest  to  people interested in other forms of slot racing and rail racing. 

The home page has links to a "what's new " page so you can see what has been added recently.    There are also links to index pages giving more information on particular aspects of slot racing (cars, track building etc.)  Some of these sections are part of this BSCRA site, others are parts of other related sites..  

The home page also has a list of forthcoming events for the next few months.  Please let me know about any meetings you would like included on the list.  If possible I like to include a link to event details - information such as how to find the venue, opening times, any special regulations and any catering facilities is very useful to competitors.  If BSCRA Member clubs  haven't got their own web site, then BSCRA would be happy to publish the information on this site (it's most helpful if the info can be sent by e mail - preferably with pictures in jpeg  format.  and line diagrams in  gif format.   BSCRA can usually convert stuff from paper but that does make a lot of extra work.)  

The list of clubs published includes details provided by the club - if there any any changes please tell me.  BSCRA did agree with each of the clubs to publish the club details on the web site. if however the club would now like their details to be removed from the web site, please tell me.

Throughout the site I use blue underlined text for hyperlinks.

A big thank you to all the people who send me contributions - race reports, photographs etc.  Further contributions are always welcome. 

I do try and check things before publishing on the web, but my proof reading skills are far from perfect so if anybody spots any mistakes please tell me so I can make the corrections.  I try to produce pages that will work on any combination of browser and screen resolution - but I don't pretend to test every combination so if you have problems please tell me.  

The site includes many links to other web sites which I think readers will find interesting.  If you would like your site linked please ask.  Generally I very much welcome links to this site from other sites of interest to slot racers, please let me know if you are adding a link.

These sites will be updated  from time to time, I don't attempt to report when they have changed.  I believe I have the site owners agreement to include these links - if any site owners would like the links removed please contact me and I'll do so.  Some sites do disappear or move to new URLs - please let me know if you spot this and I'll do the appropriate changes. 

I believe BSCRA has the copyright holders permission to publish everything that appears on this site.  If I am aware of any doubt about permission to publish, I will  remove the appropriate item from the site.  

I do use a virus checker which is frequently updated.  However, as the ****** who  create viruses are always trying to defeat virus checkers, I cannot give a give any guarantee it is free of viruses.

No liability is accepted for the information on this site or any use to which it may be put.

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Chris Frost - BSCRA Web site editor

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