How far can a slot car go in 24 hours?   This has long been seen as the ultimate slot racing endurance challenge.   No doubt the original inspiration for 24 hour races came from the  Le Mans 24 hours, however  slot racers developed their own rules rather than just following the full size precedent.  When it comes to 24 hour World Records, to ensure a fair competition, there was seen to be a  needed some limitation following areas.

1 What type of car is used - Generally cars have to follow current racing regulations.

2 What type of track is used - The restrictions on corner radius etc. prevent the use of "speed bowl"  type circuits.

3 How much of the car can be replaced  -  This is a test of endurance for a car. Although some components can be replaced, replacing complete cars is most certainly not a permitted.

4 It has to be a race - Record attempts with just a single  car running are recorded but not recognized as race records.

The rules?

In the 1960s Duncan Laycock wrote the rules which have been the basis of 1/32 records ever since. (Link to Laycock Rules) In the early 1990s, a version of the "Laycock" rules adapted for HO (1/64) racing were agreed.  These rules were adopted by Guinness publishing as world record guidelines.

The EEC (European Endurance Championship) was a series of 1/24 races run each year for Group 12 powered 1/24 cars. The 1/24 flat track record was set in 1997 by a car to these EEC car standards.  Cars to current 1/24 open group 12 are eligible for this record

The rules for the outright record (most recently set in 2019) allowed  one chassis,  two motors and four bodies.  The outright  records have been set on  banked King tracks.

The Current Records.

0utright  |  1/24 (unbanked) | 1/32 | HO | Hardbody 1/32

1/24 Outright Race Record  - 585.68 miles  The outright record was set in a race on 9-10 February 2019 at Mark's Model World, Canton, Ohio, USA. The winning car covered 19,951 laps of the Gerding built 155 ft King Track.

Congratulations to the winning Team Chubby, the team consisted of Joe Salzman, Jimmy Williams, Justin Colvin, Matt Bruce, Doug Bauer, Chris Radisich and Paul Ciccarello.  

The 2nd place Team Plan B went 19,640 laps  576.55 miles The team consisted of Bud Denning, Eric Shirey, Willy Custer, Ross Scharf, Frank Ulbrik and Cap Henry

The 3rd place Team MIGO went 19,518 laps  572.97 miles The team consisted of Ron Hershman, Ralph Thorne, James Merriman, Dave Simerka, Terry Watson and Joe Liguori

This breaks the 488.5 mile outright record set on October 22-23, 2005 at Chicagoland Raceway banked Blue King track in LaGrange, USA. The winning "Rock River Raceway", with drivers Bob Boyd, Ed Hoyle, Alex Hoyle, Ken White and Jesse Wagler

Thanks to Ron Hershman for the information.

More details on Slot Blog

A 24 hour race was held on the same track at Mark's Model World on 26/27 June 2021, the winning car achieved 19833.05 laps - just over 3 miles short of the record.


Single  Car Running  - 675.39 miles  Was set on 30/31 October 2020 at SLOTRACING Mettmenstetten, in Mettmenstetten  Switzerland  covering 23,350 laps of their 152.72 ft King Track.

The car was driven by a team of 4 drivers on the banked track.   It was a 1/24 wing car, they used six Koford  motors built by Vlado Okali.

More details on the SLOTRACING Mettmenstetten web site .

1/24 (Unbanked tracks)  - 400.21 miles  This was set on 17/18 May 1997 in Bournemouth UK on the "Super 8"  track. The winning Czech CS1 team drivers were (left to right) Vladimir Horky, Jaroslav Svanda, Jana Novackova,  Michal Radkovic,  and Jaroslav Recek.

Race Report


1/32 - 305.949 miles This was set on 5/6 July 1986 in Southport UK at the ARRA club with a car built by Ian Fisher. The winning North London SME team drivers were (l to r in the photo) Paul Harwood, Alan Lucas,  Ian Fisher, Paul Martin. and Chris James.   Thanks to Alan for the photo.

This was set to the "Laycock rules" which were laid down in the 1960s and are more stringent than other rules about what parts of the car can be changed, the  tightness of corners and the minimum bend angles.

Race Report


HO (1/64) 289.409miles - This was set on 08/09 November 2014 in Derby UK covering 6,549 laps of the 233 feet 4 inch (71.12m) eight lane circuit at the Derby HO Racing Club. in the Rolls-Royce Leisure Sports Hall, Victory Road, Derby.

The top photo shows left to right Tony Baldock (who set a new hour record of 303 Laps) Aaron Shearman, Steve Guard, Ian Grinham, Michael Ovens, Andy Abbott and Rob Heaton.

This breaks the record set on the same track in 2012 by 96 laps.

Thanks to Nick Sismey of Derby HO racing club for the info and photos


Hard bodied 1/32 cars  271.71 miles

At the 24 hour race in Fenton, Michigan on 29/30 March 2014,Team Slot Car Corner broke their own world record, setting a new record of 437.27 km/ 271.71 miles.   The team drivers were the same as last year - Christian Gingras (Canada), Georges Hamel (Canada), Dickie Pearson (USA), Mike Chiocchio (USA) and Steve Sawtelle (USA).  The car is essentially the same, with some minor modifications.

The official video of the 2014 edition for the Michigan 24-hour race

Thanks to Christian Gingras for the information


Previous record 269.46 miles

At the 24 hour race in Fenton, Michigan on 13/14 April 2013, the winning Slot Car Corner team of  team of Christian Gingras (Canada), Georges Hamel (Canada), Dickie Pearson (USA), Mike Chiocchio (USA) and Steve Sawtelle (USA) regained the record with 433.65 km/ 269.46 miles  The car was an NSR Mosler (the yellow car at the front of the photo) - the full tech chart is

Chassis – NSR Evo3 Lightweight

Pinion – NSR 6.5mm

Spur gear – 18mm

Pod – Sidewinder Hard

Motor – 20k ScaleAuto

Axles – 54mm

Guide – Sloting Plus

Rear tires – Super Tires Classic 2112RC (silicone)

Rear rims – CB Design 5-Spoke Racing 15x11

Front Tires – Super Tires Yellow Dog 1402RY (urethane) coated with IC2000

Front Rims – CB Design 5-Spoke Racing 15x8

Tire Glue – IC2000

Braid – SCC Racing Braid

Lead Wire – SCC Hi-Flex Motor Wire

Bushings – SCC Racing

SCC Front Axle Mounts

SCC Axle Spacers

SCC Motor Pod Kit

SCC Super Lube Oil and Grease

SCC Lighting Kit

Video report                         More pictures of the event                More details

Thanks to Christian Gingras for the information and photos


This beat the record  set in the  Brno 24 hour race at  Brno, Czech Republic on 4 - 5 June 2011

The winning  SRC Brno drivers were : Lubomír Pazdera, Lukáš Prchal, Jiří Eliáš, Jaroslav Švanda using a Maserati MC12 with a  HRS2 chassis

The record distance was  433.17 km/ 269.16 miles.

Thanks to Lubomír Pazdera for the information and photos


This beat the record of 255.76 miles set in the Michigan 24 hour race at Fenton, MI, USA on 2/3 April 2011 by the "Team Slot Car Corner"  with drivers Christian Gringas (Canada), Dickie Pearson (USA), Mike Chiocchio (USA) and Steve Sawtelle (USA) driving a McLaren. The track had 5 lanes with an average lap length  of 126.12 feet /  38.44m.

Thanks to Steve Sawtelle for additional  information


This beat the record of 243.36 miles was set on 26/27 June 2010 in  Brno, Czech Republic. The drivers were Jiří Hameta, Daniel Hameta, Květoslav Mašita, Marek Jačka using a NSR Porsche 917. The winning team covered 11033 laps of the  Bruno eight lane circuit  (lap length 116 feet 6 inch / 35.50m), some 73 laps ahead of the second place team.

Thanks to Lubos - SRC Brno for the story and photos


This beat the hardbody record of 233.3 miles set  Chicago on  6/7 March 2010. Before that the record was  223.3 miles set  on 6/7 June 2009 in Bruno. More details of the previous records.


NOTE The very impressive distance of 375.07 miles was covered by an HO car in San Diego, California on 4/5 September 1994, however as far as we can establish this was not set in a race so is not recognized as a race record.  

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Video of the 2014 race