Longest Slot Car Track

Permanent tracks

The longest permanent track we know of was East Meadow Miniature Racing Association, (EMMRA), track on Long Island, NY, USA. The track had 6 lanes and a lap length of 525 ft.(160 m) - photo below. This track no longer exists.   


There are claims of longer permanent circuits:-

It is claimed the Spa Francorchamps museum, Belgium had a 839 ft (256 m) 6 lane routed scenic layout which is a 1/32 replica of the Spa circuit.  However, the overall size given for the layout suggest it must have a considerably shorter lap length.  I ‘d be very interested to hear from anybody who knows more.

It is claimed there once was a permanent 4 lane track somewhere in South Africa over 600ft lap length - possibly about  613ft (187m).  I haven't seen enough details to know if this claim is accurate.  If anybody out there knows more I'd be very interested to hear from them.

The longest permanent track running at the time of writting is the 6 lane track at JD Model Raceways in the USA.  It is constructed of Ninco plastic track and the lap length of is 457 ft ( 139.3m)

Lynn Wetzel from the USA claimed to have the longest 4 lane HO with his home track of 861 ft (262 m) lap length.  It was dismantled in 2021.

Temporary tracks

The Derby HO club (Derby UK) built a 567 ft (just under 173m) 4 Lane track to celebrate their 550th club night.  This has a claim to be the longest track used for racing.

Much longer temporary tracks have been built to set world records under rules which simply require that a car is driven round a lap under power.   With extremely long tracks it can be impractical to race or have power all the way round the lap at once, but neither are required by the record rules.

A temporary track was constructed at the Brooklands racing circuit (Surrey, England) on August 16th 2009, there was a programme about it   in the "James May's Toy Stories" BBC 2 TV series. The length was 4752 meters / 2.953 miles.   This has been accepted as a world record by the Guinness Book of Records.   More on the Brooklands track story

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8 lane Raceways

The longest 8 lane raceway we know of was Motorama Raceways “Orange Pikes Peak “ track in Southern California which  was reported to have a lap length of 408 feet (124m).   It was running in 1964/5.  It was quite short lived.  It was reported that the cars disappeared from view on some parts of the track, as can be seen in this photo published in a magazine in early 1965.    Unsurprisingly that made it difficult to marshal and drive!